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K4 SUP Race US-Box Finne

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K4 SUP Race US-Box Finne

Our swept back SUP race fin.

45 degree rake so you don’t have to worry about weed or debris.

Foil optimised for paddling speeds, but taking many pointers from our speed windsurfing fins. In fact I stuck this yellow fin in my windsurf and did 48mph on it!
Dynamic Flex material gives more grip, better tracking and more speed than stiffer materials. (Fins with flex are always faster than stiff fins when the loads and AOA are low)

Already proven on the SUP race course with Andre Le Geyt finishing 7th in the 11 Cities. Available in a choice of two sizes:

24cm – 255 area – 260g

21cm – 210 area – 215g


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