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Ronix One Timebomb Boat Board 2019

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Over the past 19 years, nobody has defined the progression of a classic 3-stage rocker more than Danny Harf and his signature series. His latest bestseller adds something ground breaking – Fuse Stringers - for the most controlled explosive 3-stage kick available. 4 Fuse Stringers running vertically thru the board create a snappier takeoff without the jarring landings of a traditional stiff board. Speedwalls give the ultimate glide speed and has less resistance with the water. This means less strain on your body, giving longer boat sessions and increased top water speed. A series that sits higher on the water requiring less attack angle to get it to go, the result is more momentum with less line tension for a more relaxed/balanced selection of tricks. The I-Beam constructed Timebomb core ignites like no other giving you the hole shot of carbon and the feel of fiberglass.
  • Fuse Stringers
  • 3-Stage Rocker
  • Speedwalls
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins
  • Danny Harf Pro Model
1342.2''21.5'' - 25.5''16.6''763Up to 165 lbs 
1382.3''22.5'' - 26.5''16.8''799Up to 180 lbs
1422.4''23.5'' - 27.5''17''829170 lbs and Up 
1462.5''24''  28''17''854175 and Up 

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