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LF Flex Comp Vest Brown 2017

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Produktbeschreibung "LF Flex Comp Vest Brown 2017"

LF Flex Comp Vest Brown 2017

The FLEX COMP provides excellent impact protection and flexes with you as you move… It truly does it all! Easy entry and exit make this vest a fan favorite, as it’s also reversible! Throw on the FLEX COMP to see how light and flexible this vest really it and then reverse it for a different look to have two vests in one!


  • Flex-Span Neoprene Fits like a second skin
  • Advanced 38-panel Flex-Architecture design
  • PVX is our best lightweight, soft, stretchable and flexible high impact flotation foam
  • Minimal taper and maximum stretch the Flex can zip up tight without restrictions
  • Reversible: If the mood strikes you, flip out this vest for a new look!

Vest Size

Men's Chest Size


34" - 37"


37" - 40"


40" - 43"


43" - 46"


48" - 52"

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