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Starboard A.I.R. FreeWave Carbon L.C.F. 2018

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Produktbeschreibung "Starboard A.I.R. FreeWave Carbon L.C.F. 2018"

The A.I.R. FreeWave is all about making a freewave board fast and plane up quick, then making it turn off a hyper-compact outline and its forward Vee instead of its rocker. The boards are 220 to 222 cm long, with a short nose and tail and a mast track that’s been pulled back to allow the board to react and turn quickly.

With such a short tail, the bat-shape tail outline allows us to maximize fin grip, avoid cavitation while keeping the area behind the fins floaty yet as short as possible, all in the goal to maximize reactivity and maneuverability.

Ideal for smaller to medium sized waves where you need extra versatility from the board.

ModellA.I.R. FreeWave 83A.I.R. FreeWave 93A.I.R. FreeWave 103
TechnologyCarbon L.C.F.Carbon L.C.F.Carbon L.C.F.
Length220 cm222 cm222 cm
Width59.3 cm61.3 cm65 cm
Tail Width41.8 cm41.2 cm44.8 cm
Thickness12.4 cm11.4 cm12.9 cm
Bottom Shape (Tail to Nose)Round Vee to Double Concave to Flat VeeFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double Concave
Footstrap Rows111
Fins1 x Stone Surf 19 + 2 x Drake Natural Wave 101 x Drake Rush 20 + 2 x Drake Natural Wave 101 x Drake Rush 21 + 2 x Drake Natural Wave 10
FinboxUS Box + 2 x StarBoxUS Box + 2 x StarBoxUS Box + 2 x StarBox
Fin Range10 - 2010 - 2210 - 23
Sail Range3.5m² - 5.7m²3.7m² - 6.0m²4.0m² - 6.5m²
Weight (Carbon L.C.F.)6.30 kg6.50 kg6.90 kg
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