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Starboard Flare Carbon L.C.F. 2018

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Produktbeschreibung "Starboard Flare Carbon L.C.F. 2018"

Our dedicated freestyle board, the weapon of choice of PWA Freestyle World Champions Dieter van der Eyken and Sarah-Quita Offringa.

The all-new 2018 Flare shapes have a new volume distribution with the thickest point of the board pushed back and a thinner, more aerodynamic nose. The outlines and bottom shapes have also been upgraded to make the new Flares more compact than ever. A new Flare 113 is also added to the range for lighter days or bigger riders.

All boards come with Drake Ready to Freestyle fin fitted to a Power Box. Fin sizes have been increased by 1 cm compared to 2017 to improve speed and grip.

ModellFlare 81Flare 93Flare 103Flare 113
Length227 cm223 cm224 cm224 cm
Width57.6 cm63 cm65 cm68.5 cm
Tail Width37.5 cm39.3 cm41.0 cm43.2 cm
Thickness9.7 cm12.7 cm13 cm 
Bottom Shape (Tail to Nose)Flat VeeFlat VeeFlat VeeFlat Vee
Footstrap Rows1111
FinsDrake 17 Ready to FreestyleDrake 18 Ready to FreestyleDrake 19 Ready to FreestyleDrake 20 Ready to Freestyle
FinboxPower BoxPower BoxPower BoxPower Box
Fin Range15 - 1916 - 2017 - 2118 - 22
Sail Range2.5m² - 5.5m²4.5m² - 6.0m²5.0m² - 6.5m²5.5m² - 7.0m²
Weight (Carbon L.C.F.)6.00 kg6.40 kg6.70 kg6.90 kg
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