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GA Sails Black Line 2019

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A uniquely tapered construction provides extra stiffness in the back section of the Black Line boom, making it averagely 20% stiffer then the Green Line, according to tests in the laboratory. The GA boom head provides a tight connection to the mast, so you won’t have to worry about a sliding boom even in the roughest conditions. A double push-pin operating system guarantees strength and durability at all times, while the GA boom grip offers phenomenal feeling for your rig. Each length of the Black Line is bend differently, in order to get the best performance out of every size, making this boom the best compromise between strength, durability and price.


Länge (cm)140 - 190150 - 200160 - 210180 - 230
Gewicht (kg)2,512,602,672,91
Durchmesser (mm)26 / 2926 / 2926 / 2926 / 29
Saison / Baujahr:
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