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GA Sails Slalom Carbon 2019

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With the GA Race boom you’ll be able to stay in full control of your racing engine without losing your power on long racing days. Its
uncompromising construction makes the GA race extremely stiff and light, resulting in a direct feeling for the sail and control at all times. In order to reduce the swing weight, which is one of the most important factors for jibing around the racecourse, we developed a monocoque molded tail with integrated pulleys, which also reduces the overall weight to a minimum and creates and ultra-stiff construction. The oversized front and back sections further improve the overall stiffness for maximum performance at all stages.

The stiffest and lightest racing boom on the market, the GA Race, is available in three sizes to fit all racing sails in your quiver: 180-230cm, 200-260cm and 220-280cm.


Länge (cm)180 - 230200 - 250220 - 280
Gewicht (kg)2,923,243,64
Durchmesser (mm)32,232,232,2
Saison / Baujahr:
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