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GA Sails Pure 2019

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Pure perfection will lift your skills in freestyle windsurfing to another level!
Not just those, who fight for the PWA world title, but also young guns, looking to impress the old guys at the lake, are able to land the most radical moves with the Pure 2019.
Freestyle windsurfing never stops evolving and with the injection of acceleration and top speed to last year’s Pure, we focused on adding a more direct feeling, faster reaction in double rotation moves and high-wind stability to the 2019 version. We achieved that by updating the Pure with the new parallel batten system, new shape numbers in the foot batten, stiffer battens throughout the whole sail and a slight reduction in the front shape.
The Pure arises from the minds of some of the world’s best freestylers and is made for those, who want to have a sail that fully supports their love to freestyling. The uncompromising design delivers maximum pop and neutrality for the most radical moves in your and our PWA champions’ quiver.

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