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Neilpryde Wizard 2020

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When you want to flick the switch between freestyling in flat-water or waves, you need the Wizard PRO HD! Light to handle and fast to gain momentum, this sail will ignite your passion, letting you make the rules on the water whatever the conditions. Early planing, stability and insane lift, the Wizard has it all!

Whether you ?re going for your first spocks or double power moves, the Wizard will handle it.


_on & off

wide tetron luff panel combined with a narrow sleeve enables the Wizard to transition from neutral to maximum lift in the shortest time 

_easy handling

high aspect ratio combined with a short boom 

_light and strong

A combination of Ultra-Scrim and light Heavy Duty window, allows for the perfect balance of lightness and resistance.
// Ultra-Scrim
// Powerfuse
// Fuse Batten pockets
// HD window
// Twin seams
3.837014130 40340Fixed Head
4.238414514 40370Fixed Head
4.539815028 40370Fixed Head
4.841415514 40400Fixed Head
5.142816028 40400Fixed Head
5.44361696 40430Fixed Head
5.744817218 40430Fixed Head
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