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Neilpryde Zone 2020

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There’s windsurfing. There’s surfing. And there’s something else. When you go there, you’ll need the Zone.

If you’re heading for a pure surfing experience, then the Zone is your ride.
Fast, soft feeling, maneuverable; the Zone provides flawless rail riding turns and velocity down the line.The neutrality and invisibility of the Zone in your hands, is something you would never have imagined!



_on & off

tetron and PVC leading edge allow the Zone to power up or depower instantly. 


low swing weight due to High Ultra-Scrim content and neutral profile.

_soft and forgiving

straightest luff curve for reduced vertical body tension combined with low back hand pressure. 

// Ultra-Scrim
// Powerfuse
// Fuse Batten pockets
// HD window
// Tetron & PVC luff area
// Twin seams
3.63481498 40340/370Vario Top
3.936215322 40340/370Vario Top
4.23731564/34 40370/340Fixed Head
4.538415914 40370Fixed Head
4.7394162243.1540370Fixed Head
5.040816683.3040400Fixed Head
5.3422170223.4540400Fixed Head
5.743417434/43.5540400/430Fixed Head


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