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Neilpryde Ryde HD 2020

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Easy Ryders, get your tickets! The Ryde gives you all the highs of windsurfing without breaking your back, brain or bank account! The Ryde stands for the purest form of windsurfing, extremely easy and fast to rig, guaranteeing a smooth ride. Better still, it ?s a front row experience at a backseat price.

If you ?re an ambitious beginner or intermediate level looking to accelerate the learning curve, the Ryde has your name on it.


_control and stability

Dynamic compact clew helping the twist to be progressive for optimal draft control and stability. 

_easy to rig and trim

One mast and one boom fits all sizes from 5.7 up to 7.7. RDM mast recomended for a lighter feel. 

_low end power and early planing

Moderate luff curve mantaining good lift while mantaining a stable profile when overpowered. 


_Ryde HD

//Dynamic compact clew 
//Twin seams 
//Heavy duty window
//Rip stop web on the foot area 
//Kevlar patch on the clew and tack
5.741617816/2 60400/430Vario Top
6.24321842/32 60430/400Fixed Head
6.745219022 60430Fixed Head
7.246419934/4 60430/460Fixed Head
7.747620816/46 60460/430Fixed Head
8.249221832/2 60460/490Fixed Head
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