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Severne Sails BLADE 2018

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Produktbeschreibung "Severne Sails BLADE 2018"

The 018 Blade is a 5 batten wave sail with the perfect blend of power and control. Sail profiles are designed for maximum stability and wind range.  Moderate head tension allows responsive twist.

Constructed entirely out of premium X-Ply, the Blade is one of the most durable sails on the market, yet intelligent design means itís also one of the lightest. SpiderFibre technology has radically reduced swing weight whilst also creating a much stronger clew. Dyneema window X-Ply allows for unrestricted vision.  Upper panels in eM3 reduce swing weight.  The new highly durable yet lightweight eM4 material is used in the high load foot area and makes the Blade feel even lighter for 018.

The panel layout has been updated for 018 with more elegant styling reflecting the premium quality of the Blade.

The 018 Blade is the sail to choose for all-round high performance.

3.033114052.3ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.334814152.4ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.535614652.5ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.736714852.6ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
4.037415552.6ADJSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.239515852.7FIXEDSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.540316052.8FIXEDSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.740616352.9FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.041716653.0FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.342617053.1FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.543017553.2FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.743217753.3FIXEDSEVERNE 430 Wave
6.245518053.4FIXEDSEVERNE 430 Wave
6.746218953.6FIXEDSEVERNE 460 Wave
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